Culinary and Wines

C_boeuf_bourguignon_01Except for its hospitality, Bourgogne is largely known for its elaborate cuisine. Here people still take time to enjoy food and drink. Burgundians are bon vivants and gourmets.

C_Kaasplateau_2Discover, taste and enjoy what is on sale on the local market and in the ‘supermarché’. Cheese, fish, snails, frog legs, ham and pâté: too much to mention. The meat of the Charolais cow and the famous Bresse chicken even has their own ‘appellation’.



WS_maconnais_02 WS_buxy_01 WS_beaujolais_02

Wine lovers can indulge in the wine regions of Mâconnais, Beaujolais, Chalonnais, Côtes d’Or and the small and relatively unknown Haut-Brionnais. Wines can be tasted at various wineries. Many restaurants, from simple to luxurious, offer you a wide choice of regional dishes.

C_dufoux_01Bernard Dufoux
Chocolatier in La Clayette

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